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    Combined transport road-rail makes sense for us and despite being road carriers, we are able to see its huge potential for the future. The sense of combined transport comprises the shifting of cargo from road to rail. One of our main motivational factors to shift part of our work to trains lies in the price. However, we still are encountering problems with some persistent operators who prefer traditional working schemes. The change in thinking and people’s attitude will take some time. As the main asset of Bohemiakombi, I can see its role as a neutral operator available for large-scale customers. I do not perceive this neutral operator as our competitor but rather as a partner, with whom we would like to cooperate
Tomáš Faltus | Consped, s.r.o.

   We perceive combined transport road-rail as one of the key options for the future in European long-distance transports and it is because of this that we decided back in 2008 to start offering such alternatives to our clients. As a neutral operator providing rail connections to the important industrial areas in Western Europe Bohemiakombi, , has succeeded in offering interestingly priced transportation and after relieving the initial shortages in the testing period, reliability and competitive transportation times had also been achieved. So far Bohemiakombi has demonstrated a great deal of flexibility in comparison with other rail operators and therefore we believe to further develop the service, while cooperating with this operator.
Jan Libecajt | Sales Manager | Josef Mička – Transport & Logistics

   Combined transport fulfilled our expectations, although when you add in the additional services, it doesn’t make it cheaper. We perceive the combined transport road-rail mainly as an alternative for certain kinds of transport. In terms of the better infrastructure and higher number of connections, it is the future alternative to achieve cost reduction for the benefit of our company and customers. The main assets of combined transports may be seen in the elimination of the negative influence of drive restrictions, elimination of congestion, better usage of AETR working time and its positive impact on the environment. Bohemiakombi is an operator with clear vision, which in contrast with the state institutions, really tries to support combined transport. I appreciate the high level of customer care, which isn’t demonstrated purely through selling on the train, but through its real interest in growth based on its cooperation with customers.
František Habr | UPLINE CZ s.r.o.

 It is highly important to persuade the client that his goods will be transported partly by road and partly by rail. The state owned railways still have a bad name in Europe. Therefore, it is vital to choose a reliable operator, which is able to manage the challenges of combined transport. In the Czech Republic, companies like BOHEMIAKOMBI fulfil such requirements.


Petr Pfeiffer | Majitel firmy LC Sokotrans, Lauterbach

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