Upravit stránku

Through our system of complete combined transport trains we offer fast, reliable and regular links to industrial areas in the Ruhr, Baden, northern Germany, the Benelux, Scandinavia, Italy and other places. In the Czech Republic we arrange follow-on rail transport to Czech and Slovak combined transport transhipment points, Poland and Austria. We also transport freight directly to the customer’s industrial spur line. At the current time our company operates on the following transport lines:

  • Lovosice – Duisburg/Rotterdam v. v.
  • Lovosice – Hamburg v. v.
  • Lovosice  Antwerpen v.v.
  • Ostrava (Paskov) – Duisburg/Hamburg/Antwerpen/Rotterdam v.v.
  • Brno – Duisburg/Hamburg/Antwerpen/Rotterdam v.v.
  • Přerov - Duisburg/Hamburg/Antwerpen/Rotterdam v.v.
  • Brno – Rostock v. v.
More information about combined transport lines in Europe, Timetable find you in the partner company Kombiverkehr, Deutschland.

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