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  • Transport conditions

    All transport organized by BOHEMIAKOMBI is subject to

    BOHEMIAKOMBI price terms

    Unaccompanied combined transport

    - Valid for swap-bodies, containers and intermodal trailers

    Opening clause

    1) The term loading unit means:

    • Swap body
    • ISO container
    • Bulk container
    • Tank container
    • Intermodal trailer

    2) Prices are valid for one direction and loading unit and include the rail freight together with one handling in the end terminals (unless specified otherwise). The price for particular transport is given in the pricelist and based on the length and gross weight of the unit. For more detailed information about the validity of the prices , please contact our office.

    3) Prices are shown in Euros and converted for invoicing purposes using the valid CZK/EUR exchange rate (unless specified otherwise).

    4) Prices are shown without VAT. Transport out of the EU is considered to be international transport exempted from VAT. For more detailed information about invoicing, please contact our office.

    Additional clause to the prices

    Only the basic offer of destinations is included in the pricelist. If there is interest in different destinations, we will gladly prepare customized offers.


    Orders are accepted by our sales department. Orders for transport on the regular lines have to be delivered by 10 a.m. one day before the end of loading. The orders must contain:

    • The loading unit no.
    • Requested relation
    • Date of transport
    • Type and length of the loading unit
    • Gross and net weight of the unit
    • Information about RID (class, UN number, name of the goods, packing group)

    Cancellation fees

    Cancellation fees are charged on units which were not delivered to the terminal on time or if their order was not cancelled in written or if they were not rebooked. The fee is subject to the time of cancellation or rebooking as follows:

    Rebooking or cancellation on the departure day:

    Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.100 Euros
    After 4 p.m. or not at all200 Euro

    Performance extent in port terminals

    The price in seaports does not include handling. All fees charged during handling from rail to the terminal and the ship are paid directly by the customer.

    Performance extent in other terminals

    The price includes one handling in the terminal unless specified otherwise. Additional fees, such as custom clearance, detention fees and additional handlings, are not included in the price. For information about such fees please visit Terminals or contact our sales department.

    Transport of HIGH CUBE containers and intermodal trailers

    The transport route of these units might vary from the shortest possible as specified in the pricelist due to restrictions at border stations and railway profile limitations. For the transport of such units please contact our sales department.

    Transport of dangerous goods

    All kinds of dangerous goods can be transported in the intermodal road-rail system, with the exception of:

    • Explosives class 1, group A (UN codes 0074, 0113, 0114, 0129, 0130, 0135, 0224 and 0473).
    • Spontaneously decomposing materials, class 4.1, which require temperature control (UN codes 3231 to 3240)
    • Organic peroxides class 5.2, which require temperature control (UN codes 3111 to 3120)
    • Sulphur trioxide class 8 with purity grade 99.95%, which is transported without inhibitors in the tank (UN number 1829)

      The transport of materials in class 1 is in some countries subject to permission and requires escorts. The transport of materials in class 7 is not permitted on regular lines. The transport of RID is subject to extra charges on top of the pricelist. The specific charges are either stated in the pricelist or available from the sales department.

      Materials to download

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